Thursday, February 3, 2011

The USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D Final Moments

When the crew of the Enterprise D finally made it to the big screen, it was then decided that its time to change the starship to something more contemporary, intimidating, something that would appeal to the masses that includes non Star Trek fans. The replacement was of course the Sovereign Class starship, christiened the USS Enterprise E.

But before these studio boys could do so, the Galaxy Class had to be destroyed. Hence in an attempt to give her a heroic farewell, the Enterprise D's final moments will reflect on an emergency procedure where the secondary hull is destroyed in an antimatter containment leak, and the primary hull is sent plunging down unto a planet below. It has been argued that the special effects of the Primary Saucer crashing on the planet's surface was not very convincing but then again we have never seen something that massive gliding across the sky for a crash landing in real life to make such a comparison. Personally when I saw that scene for the first time, I did feel a sense of loss. Afterall, we've been with this ship for seven good years.

Its always hard to say good bye

The Enterprise D may have met her end in Generations, but she certainly left behind a wonderful legacy. She has served her purpose, and will indeed be remembered with honour.


  1. a fitting ending indeed Bruce.. good coverage on the Enterprise D... once i dreamt about doing the 3-nacelled Enterprise D.. this might spark my interest again.. :D need to watch the sequence again in youtube..

  2. Bah. Suits determined its end. They dictated the entire film. That's why it sucked. The Galaxy Class deserved to go on!

  3. Lifeforms... we're looking for LifeForms....