Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Something AWESOME & HUGE is Coming from Timeslip Creations for Mr. Kurt Kuhn

Check this out.

Kurt Kuhn of has purchased something really very impresive from Timeslip Creations. I'll give you a hint - she's a very popular icon among Sci Fi fans, and at an impressive 8 foot long, she'll come with details up the cahoot that'll make any Scale Modeler scream in awe, and here's something else to digest. She'll be accompanied by a USS Reliant IN SCALE, side by side.

This project is currently in progress and its happening now. Imagine something that big in your living room, its going to be the main lunch,dinner and supper topic for a long, long time to come. So what could be 8 foot long and impressive as hell. Here's another hint if you still can't figure it out:

That picture was taken when Mr. Kuhn was just recovering from an illness, and yet from the picture, you can see him radiating with pride. Begging your pardon Mr. Kuhn, but can I borrow your drool bucket when you're done with it?

More images and info HERE

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