Monday, September 13, 2010

Update on my Deactivated and New Facebook Account

Guess I can kiss my old account goodbye. Over 3,000 friends (and relatives) and all those photos shared. I still do not know exactly what I have done wrong as FB was very vague about my supposed crimes.

For those who just came in, here's a recap on what happened to my original account

And its been over a month since I wrote in my appeal but till today FB doesn't even have the courtesy to reply. I dread to think of those members who actually used their credit cards to buy FB credits for the games there, and got deactivated - what happens to all those unused credits?

FB really needs to spell out what exactly constitute a crime for members and improve on their customer service, cause up until now, I dare not do anything excessive to warrant another deactivation of my second account. It got so bad I had to email, or go through forums to contact family and friends just to add me in, and all I have done there so far is to update what I have updated on my blog. Yeah, FB just got a little intimidating for me, but it does serve its purpose.

Found something new a couple of days ago. I tried adding a few celebrities under their "Friends I may know" section, particularly Mr.Richard Hatch who was the original "Apollo" from Battlestar Galactica, and then played Tom Zarek in the New Galactica series. Well, I am a BSG fan, what can I say. I was warned, the moment I tried putting in the request, "Are you really Richard Hatch's friend? If you're not, your request is considered as spamming" Whoa ..... first time I came across such warning - I eventually cancelled my request. And to me that was fair warning, after all, Mr. Hatch is a celebrity and no doubt would have received thousands of requests. And I didn't want the hassle of creating a third account despite being a fan.

I still need FB to view images and communicate with family and friends, and as I'm not exactly sure of what I can or cannot do, I literally need to keep a very low profile there, and FB now isn't as fun as it used to be.

This is how I feel nowadays when I'm on FB

Sigh ..................................

And oh yeah, for those who didn't know this, don't put anything that is very personal or work related in your FB, blog, twitter, etc etc. Being social networks, your postings become public, and these things have a way of biting you back. But then, you already knew that .......................... right?

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