Saturday, September 11, 2010

Awesome Built Review - Star Wars Galleries


The most iconic one man fighter from Star Wars have sure made its rounds via model kits, plastic and die cast toys and even gasaphons (miniature plastic pieces). Its about the most recognisable ship in the galaxy right now. Over the course of the years, many scale modellers have attempted to create the ulitmate dioramas incorporating the X-Wing Fighter in action.

I have saved like tons of images of fantastic builds from various modellers under the Star Wars genre, but unfortunately, I didn't save the links for most of their sources. Hence my highlights today will include a few of these incredible builds which I am sure will be appreciated by Star Wars fans worldwide.

Please click on their links below the images to read about them and to view more pictures.

"Stay Tight and Low ..." by Tony Augustin. More images after the jump

Yavin 4 Diorama by Caperaway

AT-ST Diorama by Caperaway

X Wing Fighter by Studio Access

"Stay Tight and Low ..." by Tony Augustin

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