Saturday, September 11, 2010

Awesome Built Reviews - Space 1999


Do you still remember back in the early 70s, there was a TV show called Space 1999? I can't believe it has been almost 40 years later and I can still remember the series vividly. As a kid, it was my all time favourite Friday night TV show and I didn't missed a single episode. It was sad that the series only lasted 2 seasons. It spurned the imaginations and I can still hum its main title track.

The Eagle Transporter

The ships they used back then was called the Eagle Transporters,  and I had an Airfix kit of her. It was my very first Sci Fi kit, bought for me by my uncle. I still remembered my dad and him took it upon themselves to assemble her for me. Well, they got some parts upside down, and pretty much everything else held together with UHU glue.

I found some of these images to show how far kits from Space 1999 has come. The series itself have a very dedicated fan base today, and though most of these kits are no longer available, fans of past and old can still look upon them and reminiscence on those good old days.

Enjoy these images

Sourced from Cultman, this diorama was created by Donald Hayunga.
The page is currently being archieved and will be linked back later when its available.
In the meantime, you can check out Cultman's Fantastic Modelling for more great builts and highlights

Another Eagle diorama by Paulsstarbase22

Some screencaps on how the hangar bay did look like in the TV series

I actually found images of Moonbase Alpha's Hangar Bay scenes, briefly shown in some of the episodes

Ultra Probe? What's that?
And here's something of a rarity, the Ultra Probe Mission Command Module. We saw her in the episode "Dragon's Domain". I remembered seeing this kit on sale somewhere a long time ago ... must be getting old since I can't remember where. I tried to link these images and was looking for "Eagle Imagery" as stated in the pictures, but I can't seem to find it. All I got was a lot of eagles (as in those flying predators). Do let me know if you are the owner of these pictures so I can give the appropriate credits

The Ultra Probe as seen on TV

Meet the Kestrel
The Kestrel, a fan based creation that would have kicked ass if they had such a craft in the TV series

The Kestrel. You'll need to purchase the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeller Vol 15 to see more

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