Saturday, September 4, 2010

Awesome Built Review - SUB LEVEL 6

There are on occassions when I surf the net, I see a complete built (a term given to a finished diorama or kit that was superbly assembled and painted) that does something to my soul. Yeah, I'm referring to those that literally leaves the mouth gapping and exclaiming "How the Frak did he/she do that? Its beautiful"

One particular diorama that did exactly that was called Sub Level 6.  It was completed by Darkmoonspirit , and from the images, I can see not only the talent and the creativity of the project owner, but also that of his photography skills

The diorama itself uses a Blood Hound Hover Truck kit together with a Walking Tank in 1:35 scale, and divided into 4 separate parts and when joined ... WOW!!

Want to see more images?

Superb detailing accoasted by a natural feel for the diorama enviroment adds to a more realistic feel provided. The ceiling walls and natural water flow are very well done along with the placements of the fauna and vegitation. This is truly an inspiring work deserving to be in the A list. Well done Darkmoonspirit
Here's the ceiling

Here's the Base

The Mid Section

And the Front Main Piece

Placed together and you get

Sub Level 6 Diorama Details

Hover Tank Details

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