Friday, September 10, 2010

Awesome Built Review - Fine Molds 1/72 scale Millennium Falcon

I got this from a Japanese blog and I'm not sure who to give the credits to cause I can't read Japanese (but I can speak basic Japanese though). Looking at this modeller's built, I can say that all his finished kits are done neatly with clean panel lines, and almost all his kits are lighted. What makes his built impressive are his ideas emulating the movies, and how he achieves them.

A good example would be Capt Han Solo's ship, I noticed he had 2 different versions of the 1/72 Millennium Falcon. The first is from Star Wars and the second, from The Empire Strikes Back. You'd need to observe closely on the images to see some variation in the kit's parts as well as the paint used.

Star Wars version

Empire Strikes Back version

Notice how he lights up the cockpit - pretty neat considering how small the cockpit is. There's more of his work after this jump.

First to be highlighted is of course the Star Wars version. I didn't quite remember seeing any landing lights on the falcon in that movie and I believe that was influenced in part from The Empire Strikes Back

Millennium Falcon from Star Wars

The detailing he puts on this ship are also quite incredible

The colour tones used on this version incorporates darker shades that simply brings out the level of details given. Weathering and battle damage effects looks really decent. I wonder how long it took him to assemble and paint this kit?

Millennium Falcon from The Empre Strikes Back

Openable hatch to reveal a lighted interior. Fascinating

Check out the detail work he did for this version

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