Saturday, September 4, 2010

Awesome Built Review - Star Trek III Klingon Bird of Prey on Vulcan

This is a winning piece at Hobby Link International (I don't think this is related to Hobbylink Japan, and you need to sign in to view) during the first quarter of 2010. An accurate depiction of when the Klingon Bird of Prey (BOP) commandeered by Admiral Kirk and party after escaping from the Genesis Planet to return Spock to Vulcan to retrieve his "Katra", his living spirit.

The diorama is impressive with the miniature figures provided depicting Kirk and party carrying Sposk on a stretcher leaving the BOP. Interesting enough, Round2 has yet to release the 1:350 scale BOP with the metal landing gears and exit ramp, so we know this was scratchbuilt. Lighting added gave this diorama a winning touch. Diorama was created by a member there with the nick Viper

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A heartiest congratulations to Viper to a work well done. he diorama successfully captured the essense from that scene, when audiences and fans were still reeling from witnessing the destruction of the USS Enterprise 1701.

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