Friday, September 10, 2010

Awesome Built Review - TOS Battlestar Hangar Bay

You know the famous campfire song "Its a small world after all"? Well, I actually came to know about this particular diorama last year. A friend referred me to the site but it was in German. The built was impressive, and the idea of using different classes of Vipers was very creative. The diorama itself looks very much alive with the amount of fine details incorporated into it. The use of greebles to fill up an otherwise empty walls and floors truly made the hangar bay .. well, looks like a real hangar bay. The extensive use of modified 1/35 scale figurines was the added touch to bring this diorama to a story, another busy day onboard a Battlestar's Hangar bay.

And what was truly impressive was that the modeller made his diorama in such a way where this is actually a 3 piece diorama, when connected together makes for a spectacular hangar bay scene. You can see how the diorama are in their 3 separate pieces below.

There were tons of pictures so I started saving them for reference for my own plans (I was planning for a hangar bay scene with the New Galactica Vipers later). Silly me, I didn't book mark that site since it was in German, and when I really needed to refer to it again, I couldn't find it.

Well I found it again, except it wasn't from the original site I saw it first. Darkmoonspirit showcased this spectacular diorama again at the Ma.K forums and when I saw the pictures ... HEY!!! That looks so familiar! And now that I know this diorama was created by Darkmoonspirit himself, it shouldn't be a surprise then to see yet another creative and spectacular built being showcased

A special thanks to Darkmoonspirit for allowing me to highlight his work here. This piece was also exhibited at the SpaceDays 2010 in Darmstadt, Germany. Another well known modeller,  Marco Scheloske, took some pictures of the event. You can view them HERE.

There's a lot of images after the jump, and we hope you enjoy what you see.

The Colonial Viper Mark 0

The Colonial Viper Mark I

The Colonial Scarlet Viper

Overall Hangar Bay Diorama and Other Details

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