Friday, September 10, 2010

More on Round2's 1/1400 scale USS Enterprise D

Space ... the final frontier. And its going to have a special edition kit grace its skies come November 2010. From my observation, many people are eagerly awaiting for this kit. It will come with the same mold done for its earlier issues, making this a re-issue, right? Well, in a way, except that this kit will be coming in Clear transparent plastic.

When completed, this kit will be about 18" long. Specs given by Round2 are as follows:
  • Scale: 1/1400
  • Skill Level: 2 (ages 10 and up)
  • Glue assembly, paint required
  • 18" long
  • Includes full set of marking decals
  • PLUS! aztecing decals

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I actually still have 3 of this kit, but they were from the ERTL/AMT label. 2 of them comes with the fibre optic lights option, and all 3 kits are still unassembled. And why is that? Well, for one thing, the ERTL/AMT kit has quite a few inaccuracies. The major one being those panel lines tooled on most of the kit's surface. They were originally designed to assist the modeller with painting the kit but it backfired. A lot of fans ended up sanding off those panel lines to achieve a smooth surface. That by itself is already hard work

This new kit will still come with the same inaccuracies since it will be using that same mold. But the plus points is that the clear styrene will make it easier for lighting the kit. In the past, miniature thin oval holes had to be drilled out for the windows, and its a delicate process as they are literally a lot of windows to drill out. The clear styrene would skip this process since all the modeller needs to do is to mask those windows, ot scratch off the paint to allow lights to penetrate through.

Another plus point is that this release will include the dreaded aztec design in the form of decals. These decals will show off the paint pattern seen on the Enterprise D as on TV or the movie, and it makes it easier for an average modeller like myself to manage it assembly from start to finish.

Of course we will have to wait to see the kit first before any more comments or feedbacks can be posted.

Nice huh? So, have you preordered yours yet?

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  1. I would like to have one but after the news about them not doing anything to the molds to remove the silly lines, I was not so keen anymore. This was based on my experience sanding them off a long time ago and even if I have some tools now, I would still have to reconsider unless the price is right. I do have some ideas for the electronics too but well, too much things on my plate at the moment.