Sunday, October 31, 2010

Modelling the Director's Cut CGI USS Enterprise NCC 1701

When a Director's Cut version for Star Trek : The Motion Picture was being made, they needed to redo a few shots of the USS Enterprise in flight and when she was inside V'ger. To use back the studio model would have been a lot of work as the Studio Model was repainted over and now had the insignia NCC 1701A. And it would also defeat the purpose of coming out with a Re-mastered version since the difference in details would become very evident.

Hence another alternative was sought - Computer Graphic Imaging.

According to Drexfiles, the services of Darren Dochterman was sought, who went to create the CGI version with the visual effects created by Foundation Imaging. Darren had the actual Studio Model delivered to the Foundation for reference purposes.

The actual studio model itself was beautiful, just about the best space vehicle created for any Sci Fi Genre. The paint job on the studio model blended so well on the ship that it was going to be a challenging job just equalling the CGI model to it.

The finished CGI version was so well done that the average person would not be able to tell where the actual studio model used ends. Kudos to a professionally designed CGI Enterprise with well deserved credits to the people responsible for her, Sir Lee Stringer, Rob Bonchune, Jose Perez, Koji Kuramura, and Daren himself

For the Sci Fi Modeller who wish to emulate their Polar Lights 1/1000 or 1/350 scale Enterprise toward The Motion Picture version, Drexfiles has provided some spectacular profile images and screen caps for your reference. Personally I would use what Drexfile has provided as they are clean and sharp.

The Special Screening of the Director's Cut Edition

Some snap shots from Digital Bits of the studio model displayed during the Special Screening of the Director's Cut Star Trek The Motion Picture 0n 11 Jan 2001.

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