Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reference for the New Battlestar Galactica Part 4

Part 4 of the new Galactica highlights will comprise of various screen captures I've saved up from surfing the net over the years. The images are not in any particular order, and I may add more when I have the time to surf through my other folders.

You can use these images to determine which stage you want your Galactica kit build, and in view of the difficulty simulating these damage points, I foresee a lot of "cleanly refurbished" Galactica being build - Hehe, mine included ... well, its not easy cutting holes into your kit, unless like you own ten of them and then you won't feel the pain. Click the link to view all the screen caps

And lastly, these images shows a destroyed Battlestar or about to be destroyed, and they look almost exactly like the Galactica herself, except that they seem to have a more complete set of armour plating around their hulls. Wonder if these are the famed Columbia and Prometheus I'm hearing about .... hmmm

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