Saturday, October 30, 2010

Will be spending more time at my work room now ... oh yeah

Yup, you read right. The past few months its been so hot in Malaysia and with my work room located upstairs, the place feels like an oven. Even with all the windows opened, 3 fans blowing and doors opened, the heat in there is just unbearable. Try working with chemicals in a sauna, and you know what I mean. Hence I spent less time in there and only go in mostly in the evenings where it was slightly cooler. But its still hard to focus on details when you're perspiring like a leaky tap.

I had plans to put in an air conditioner in there for a while now but I've been putting her off since I felt I didn't need to spend unnecessarily until I had some spare cash ..... well, I finally got some cash. It ain't much, but it was enough for a 1 HP aircond. With this baby installed, I now officially have a work room I can work in.

Also amazing was that I didn't realise I had a few devoted followers on my blog. Thanks guys. I plan to update my blog but not as vehemently as before. I would like to catch up on all those projects I've been putting aside so I'll do my best updating her with new contents. It is after all the original goal for this blog, to encourage this hobby and to get more new modellers into the picture. So one good way is to share my WIPs with everyone.

Need to complete at least the Moebius 1/32 Viper before the Galactica kit comes in. Keep telling myself that.

You will notice my work room is sparkly clean in the picture. Yeah, my wife got to it. Good thing everything was packed away before the installer came. She helped me clean up the place and put back all the furniture. I actually found quite a bit of spare parts here and there ... beats me where they belong to cause as far as I remember, I don't recall loosing parts with any of my projects. Everything right now are sort of in their place or packed away in boxes so the dust don't get to them. But once I start work ..... suffice to say it'll be a while before anyone gets to see my work room again .. HAHA!

My own impending projects ... sigh. Really need to sit down and actually get these done before I can start on anything new.

Project 1 : Ma.K Falke with frame structure and engines, electronics and equipments. Very ambitious project which I want to finish but took a back seat because of Project # 3. I'm still game with this project and it'll be my grail.

Project 2 : Revell / Monogram Mark I Colonial Viper - doing 2 kits here, a single seater and a dual seater. I got the Launch Rails for these since this kit didn't come with any landing gears. I had to re-work the cockpits for both as I sort of "screwed up" both of them

Project 3 : The Moebius 1/32 Mark II Viper. She's now about 80% done. Had to work on her in stages because it wasn't pleasant working too long in my hot work room then. Plan to finish this baby first.

And oh yes ......

Time to enjoy all those candies ... and worry about dieting later.

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  1. This is great. I've got a dremel and have been looking to cut out just one or two panels - what attachment did you use and how did u like it?