Friday, October 1, 2010

Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K) ... and its Women

Here's a genre that was introduced not too long ago, Maschinen Krieger or more popularly known as Ma.K. The Ma.K universe was created by Kow Yokoyama, who successfully gave Sci Fi fans another avenue incorporating World War II and future warfare together.

A brief description from Wiki about Ma.K for those who are not familiar.
"Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K ZBV3000) originally began as the science fiction series SF3D which ran as monthly installments in the Japanese hobby magazine Hobby Japan.

 To develop the SF3D storyline, Kow Yokoyama collaborated with Hiroshi Ichimura (story editor) and Kunitaka Imai (graphic designer). The three creators drew visual inspiration from their combined interest in WWI and WWII armor and aircraft, the NASA Space Program and films such as Star Wars and Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. Inspired by the Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) model builders who worked on the Star Wars vehicles and spacecraft, Kow Yokoyama built the original models from numerous kits including armor, aircraft, automobiles and several others. The designs were predominantly of Powered Armor Suits, but Yokoyama also created two legged walking tanks, anti-gravity flying aircraft, and automated robot walkers. Hiroshi Ichimura and Kunitaka Imai added the graphic style and created the background story for the new models.

 Together they created a unique series with a very different visual style from the typical "Giant Robot" series in Japan at the time. A small but dedicated fan following soon developed. There was great interest amongst the readers of Hobby Japan to have kits of the designs they saw in the magazine. A small Japanese model company, Nitto, aware of the growing interest, picked up the license and quickly released 21 injection lded kits from the series."

Nitto and Kow has since split ways, and kits are now being produced by WAVE and Hasegawa. Some of the female figures are being produced by Brickworks

Kits are still available at Hobby Search and Hobby Link Japan

The Lunadiver Stingray 
The Anti Gravity Fighter Pkf.85 Falke 

Ma.K Fighting Suits
Besides the Falke and Lunadiver, the other thing I am impressed with Ma.K are its women. Created by Brickworks and casted in resin, the figurines are beautifully done and usually given some level of modifications (to make them look even more sexy.

Some Japanese models were also given the honour to become an official character from Ma.K, usually posing in an outfit that will later become their signature piece. Below is Ms. Takako Lopez whose figurine was only recenly made available

BTW, I just got her too into my collection. Just haven't had the chance to work on her yet ... YEEEHAH!!!

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