Sunday, October 31, 2010

The JJ Abrams New Enterprise - NCC 1701

Are you ready for Polar Lights' new JJ Abrams USS Enterprise?

She's scheduled for a December 2010 release but don't be too surprised if its pushed again for an early 2011 release. This is a ship you either love or hate. Her actual size in contrast with the other ships in the Star Trek Universe puts her between the Enterprise D and E. But then again the Star Trek Universe is no longer the same from what we all know. No thanks to Nero, the Romulan renegade has decided to change history all over his vengeance with Spock, So according to JJ Abrams, everything has now changed. Its not good for die hard Trekkers in general, but it is the highest grossing Star Trek movie screened, and it has successfully garnered new Trekkers into the fold.

Original Box Art which wasn't approved
This is the Box Art we will see end of this year or early next year

The difference in her design is vast. Her hulls now looks more like the Refit Movie Enterprise with her Aztec Markings, those "Turbo Charged" Warp Nacelles and a very sleak looking shuttle bay that looks like a Golf Driving Course from the inside.

The coming kit will be in 1/2500 scale, and if you have the entire Round 2 collections of USS Enterprises, you could even place her next to them for size comparison .. she's huge for an early interstellar Constitution Class vessel.

Building her seems fun but until now we still have not seen what the parts look like to make a better assessment. Lighting her is also another challenge by itself. This ship has more lights than an average Christmas Tree. So until she's officially released, here are some images from Lightwork you can use to plan your build. 

More about QMx USS Enterprise NCC 1701 as well, after the jump

QMx USS Enterprise 1701

Need more reference? Here's something you can use as referral materials but I doubt anyone can even come close to what QMx has done.

This company does replicas with so much enthusiasm for details that emulating them is going to be ... a real challenge. I think the word "challenge" is a good phrase, much better than the word "impossible".

Professionally done up kits that are so accurate to the tee, and comes with ligthings, the replicas re-created by the QMx team equals to that of an exact representation of what you see on screen. Highly accurate, highest quality ... and a price tag so high up if I was to buy her, the cost is equivalent to a down payment for a brand new Honda Civic 2.0. But you are getting top notch work here. So who is QMx?
Here's their intro

About QMx

Quantum Mechanix Inc. is a boutique developer of screen-accurate replicas, collectibles, apparel and artwork inspired by entertainment’s most beloved shows and movies. We focus on serving the most demanding customers – from dedicated fans to the industry’s most prestigious production companies and studios – with the most detailed and accurate products possible.
Our product lines include:
  • Screen-accurate recreations of props and scale models, including mid-scale ship replicas and animated character maquettes.
  • Paper props and high-quality prints inspired by beloved science fiction TV and films. This category includes blueprints, “expanded universe” reference packs, and character and vehicle posters.
  • Highly-detailed novelty collectibles such as keychains, badges, rings and bumper stickers.
  • Apparel including “discreet geek” T-shirt designs.
  • QMx Artisan – Hand-built models of props and vehicles. These items are produced by professional Hollywood prop-makers. Edition sizes are generally very limited.
QMx currently operates under licenses from such studios as MGM, NBC•Universal, CBS Consumer Products, Mutant Enemy, Twentieth Century Fox and the BBC. Licensed franchises include Doctor Who, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica,Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe, Serenity and Firefly.

So if you can afford her and decide to buy this replica, please let me know and do send me lots of images. I don't think I have salivated enough yet.

Some screen captures of the new Enterprise

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