Sunday, October 3, 2010

Studio Model Reference - Part 1 Refit NCC 1701 A USS Enterprise Overall View

This is going to be segregated into 10 sections in lieu of the total number of images involved. Its the actual Studio Model of the NCC 1701 A used in filming. I'm listing the images here since many Sci Fi Modellers have either the ERTL/AMT 1/537 scale kit or the Polar Lights 1/1000 or 1/350 scale kits, but are not sure how the actual studio model is like.

All these images were obtained from but if you were to download all these images, its going to take you some time, not to mention the bad internet connection especially in Malaysia is going to make this research effort a daunting challenge. It took me 3 days just to get all these,and another day and a half to draft up the posts. But don't credit me. Its the people who shared the images there that deserves all the credit, people like Kuhn Global, Mark Dickson and Mike Emery. Really appreciate these people's contributions.

This also means I have no excuse getting mine done. Planning to start with the 1/537 AMT Refit Enterprise and I'm not looking forward to puttying and sanding those panel surfaces.

Images have been downsized as some of these are really huge. The sections on the studio model will be segregated as follows:

Part 1 - Intro and Overall view of the entire studio model kit
Part 2 - The Bridge
Part 3 - Deflector Dish
Part 4 - Hangar Bay
Part 5 - Impulse Engine
Part 6 - Photon Torpedoes Bay
Part 7 - Primary Hull
Part 8 - Pylons and Nacelles
Part 9 - Secondary Hull
Part 10 - Other Studio Models used - Close Up shot and the Self Destruct 1701

Ok, here goes. Presenting the overall view of the iconic Starship Enterprise 1701 A

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