Sunday, October 3, 2010

Moebius Galactica Aftermarket Photoetch parts and Decals Coming Soon

Want to make your Moebius 1/4105 New Battlestar Galactica kit look more like what you see on TV? Worried about those main guns looking too much like model kit pieces? And what about painting those hull panels .. YIKES!! Those looks like a lot of work required.

Well fear not. Aftermarket parts are coming and will probably launch in time for the Moebius kit that's coming end of October 2010.

Photoetch parts from Paragrafix

With over 90 pieces, this photoetch set moves this already amazing kit to all new levels. Includes:
  • Series correct raised lettering for the ship's nameplate & registry numbers.
  • Decals for the nameplate to eliminate the need for delicate painting.
  • Nameplates, registry numbers, and decals for the other 11 Battlestars (using names from the original 1970s program).
  • Museum windows for the starboard flight deck.
  • Replacement super-detailed main turrets. (With extras.)
  • Easy-fold girders for the flight decks to add extra realism.
  • BONUS: Three in-scale copies of Colonial One to fit in the flight deck let you decide how you'd like it displayed.

Close up view of Main Guns PEs and we even have the Colonial One (forced perspective stance)
Retailing at USD $29.95, Paragrafix has now open this set for pre-orders. Get yours now before the kit launches, cause you may need to wait for the second print once this sells out.

New Galactica Hull Decals for Moebius kit from Acreation Models

Coming soon (launching TBA later) as the decals are not quite ready, but apparently you can apply this decals between the new Galactica's "steel ribs". Here's a sample of what's coming

According to Acreation Models, the set will include the Colonial Seal on the circular section on top at the mid section of the ship, as well as a plain version in case you want your Battlestar to be other than the Galactica

Watch out for this as it will really help you with the painting.

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