Saturday, October 2, 2010

Excellent Build Ups of AMT's USS Excelsior NX/NCC 2000

Okay, you've seen the kit's parts from my last post. And I know of some people who owns the AMT kit but has yet to build theirs (me included .. blush). I'm sure you'll find many reference to other people's build on the net, so what I'm going to do here are to just highlight some of these excellent build ups and hopefully this would encourage some out there to start working on theirs.

Here are some prime examples of professional build ups of the USS Excelsior by people who does commission work (they will build for you for a fee). Their work are truly excellent compared to an everyday Joe's standard, and if you are one who insist on perfection, why not contact them. Just remember, opting to light up this kit up will truly add a sense of dimension to this baby since she is suppose to be a big ship.

NCC 2000 Excelsior by Trekmodeller

Build Up by, a professional outfit that specializes in AMT kits and the big Polar Light 1/350 scale USS Enterprise. Trekmodeller also provides "plug and play" versions of lighting sets for the Enterprise kit, easy sets for those with no electrical background.

His USS Excelsior buildup is excellent and the lighting provided with the kit adds a lot of realism and a sense of weight to an otherwise simple AMT model kit set. You can't even tell its from AMT. Trekmodeller does commission work so if you have the mullah, and choose not to build up this kit, you might want to consider Trekmodeller.

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NCC 2000 Excelsior by Steve Jurgens

Steve Jurgens did an amazing job with this small AMT kit by varying over a hundred colours to the kit and thus adding a sense of scale to an otherwise small miniature representation. Detailed parts are brought out in his assembly, and the Aztec tones are done up very clearly.

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Composite Art using the completed AMT kit

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