Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Kit Alert - Timeslip Creations 1/4105 scale New Cylon Basestar

Available from George of Timeslip Creations is the 1/4105 scale Cylon Basestar from the new Galactica series. Just in time to compliment Moebius's 1/4105 scale New Galactica that is scheduled to be release early November 2010.

This kit has 32 highly detailed resin parts and was designed to be hollow to allow light source through if you wish to light her. This also means the kit is not heavy, so its easier to mount her for display. The arms are made to be the lower and upper pieces. Each parts were 3D printed at PCS and the files provided by Bad-Azz.

Timeslip Creations new Cylon Basestar

Interesting to note that the Moebius's Galactica's mold for the strene plastic kit came from Timeslip Creations resin Galactica kit. And anyone that have both of George's New and TOS resin Galactica kit can attest to the quality of the resin and details. In fact, those details on the kit are so accurate that they are simply mind boggling. Both of those kits are also light weight and has very little seam lines and flash to clean. Very high quality work for BSG fans to savor over.

Timeslip Creations TOS Galactica (White kit) next to Monogram's TOS Galactica

Timeslip Creation's New Galactica (that large one) next to Alliance's 1/9600 scale New Galactica

The Cylon Basestar is priced at USD$ 118 plus shipping. Shipping within the US is USD$ 7.95 via USPS including delivery confirmation. George's paypal is saint_g@sbcglobal.net. Expected shipment date is scheduled for first week of November.

George can also be contacted by email at timeslipcreations@sbcglobal.net

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