Monday, October 25, 2010

Just some highlights for today

Today I'm happy. Despite getting stuck in a traffic jam from hell going to work this morning, and then another not too bad jam coming home this evening, I am very happy. You see, I got me a huge package from U.S. today. I was expecting her much later but it came today.

I had bought some kits off Pat Amaral from Starship Modeller Forum (my first time shopping at the Marketplace there too) and those kits have arrived. The package was so huge my entire office wanted to know what was inside. So I told them it was the dead body of my ex girlfriend who had spurned me for a Pierce Brosnan look alike .... well, I was never a good liar since they saw straight through me, so I had to make a 200 meter dash for my car at the building's carpark and hid the package there.

Okay, that was BS.  I'm writing this piece while still feeling excited. The honest truth is actually more boring than what I had just described. I had some of my colleagues help me carry the package to my car. Its not heavy, just bulky, and furthermore my wrist had recently recovered from a bad sprain so I didn't want to aggravate it anymore than I need to.

And I am extremely satisfied with Pat cause the kits came in MINT condition. The Polar Lights 1/350 scale NX-01 was still sealed in its original box wrap (and she's mine, finally, all mine), and while the movie version Jupiter 2 was already in an opened box, the parts are still in their original plastic wrappers and the decal super clean.

Thanks Pat, those are real gems there, and I do plan to enjoy them later. Time to contact Madman Lighting for his lighting set for this baby

I decided to get the movie era Jupiter 2 after seeing this image. It really inspired me to try to emulate what this guy did - if only I know who build her and have a link to his WIP.

And then there was this image below I saw at Cultman's Fantastic Modelling site highlighting the recent iHobby EXPO 2010 ... slated for a first quarter release in 2011 is the Moebius 1/32 scale Mark VII Viper. Man, that's just like around the corner. Way to go Moebius. Also coming next year is the 1/32 scale Cylon Raider and Centurion. Keep em coming

I shall be waiting .....


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  2. Thanks for the tip ... though I'm really a noob when it comes to this. But its something worth trying here