Saturday, October 23, 2010

Reference for the New Battlestar Galactica Part 1

A few people I know didn't realise that the new Galactica is not even a studio model. There was no actual kit used in filming, and she is 100% created using CGI. Can be a little frustrating explaining to them since they keep saying what they saw on screen was just too realistic to be a CGI - kudos to the special effects department there. That's the wonders of technology.

So while the ship looked awesome on screen, it can be a nightmare for the rest of us scale modellers. Reference materials can be sketchy if you're to depend solely on DVD screen captures as some of the scenes weren't taken at very good angles (you can't see the sections clearly), and others were clouded with explosions, or they were simply blazing by too fast. And then there is the shades of lights to grapple with. Whatever the reason is, bear in mind that Moebius is releasing the 1/4105 scale new Battlestar Galactica very soon. In the past, there was only resin kits, and being resins, they were not cheap, nor easy to assemble (not everyone knows how to work with resin kits). Being a styrene kit, there will be absolutely no doubt that the arena of scale modellers building the new Galactica is going to increase exponentially. Hence the desire and competition to build differently.

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 I will be posting 4 parts to my blog with regards to the new Galactica. For all those who wish to build their Galactica Actual as close to what's on TV, or just wishing to see how the actual ship really looked like, you could use the images here for your reference.

Please note that most of these images are from ZOIC.  And to the non believers, here's proof the new Galactica was created using CGI

External views of the new Galactica in various poses

Flight Pods (Hangar Bay)

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