Problems Leaving Your Comments?

Frustrated because you can't leave a comment?

It has come to my attention after several emails and phone calls that no one could leave a comment on my blog. I can assure you that nothing is wrong at your end as I too cannot leave a reply in the comment section, at least for a while. It keeps asking me to re-log in or create a new blog site.

I did a little research to find out why and came across a few articles on the Google VS Windows OS War. I am not sure if there is any relevance on this to why there had been a lot of issues happening at blogspot, but I myself have been experiencing service disruptions ranging from being unable to log into my own blog, unable to post images, contents disappearing, and the loss of my adsense for a while.

A quick check with "Known Issues for Blogger" the official site for blogspot and a quick read through at their Trouble Shooting FAQ site suggested that I need to download Google Chrome to avoid all these issues. So I did, and the there had been no problems since. I am not saying if this is indeed the solution but it did work.

To download the new Google Chrome, go HERE.

My take on Google Chrome ... well, I got so used to the old Google that I still rely heavily on her, but whenever I blog, I use both the old and Chrome. Its a little of a hassle but I get what I want done. In fact, I am also getting some hassle with some online shops not letting me log in, and can do so under Chrome. 

So if you want to leave your comments, you are going to need Google's new web browser.