Sunday, August 14, 2011

MA.K New Figures from Brickworks, and some Fantastic Ma.K Dios from around the World

To all Maschinen Krueger Fans, Brickworks will be releasing another new figure in 1/20 scale to further compliment their fantastic range of Ma.K figurines to add to your diorama. I know some of you like me do keep a lookout for these cause these figures are fantastic. At 1/20 scale, details are beautifully captured along with the facial expression. The female figurines can also be built in a sensual and practical manner, adding more attractiveness to your dioramas.

I'll be highlighting two of the newest figurine introduced by Brickworks, and then highlight some beautifully done up dioramas under this genre.

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As some of you already know, they had released another a few months ago, the SAFS Pilot who came back! The pose kind of reminds me of a sheepish pilot who just lost his ride and trying to talk his way out. Here's what you get (and that prototype image was personally painted by Kao Yokoyama himself, and sure looks like Lincoln Wright who manages the official Maschinen Krueger site.)

Here's a closer look on the mold - beautifully sculpted.

 And here's one I am eagerly waiting for, the 1/20 Scale Woman Pilot at Rest. She would definitely complete my collection when she's available. The sculpt beautifully captures her either having a chat with someone, or she's posing for a photo shoot, either way, she's beautifully presented here.

And finally as promised, here are a few fantastic dioramas done using the Falke. I can't remember of hand where these images came from as I had saved them under my Falke folder but I thought it was worth showcasing them here.

This one was build by a guy named Fernando. How I know? Well, I saved these under a "Fernando" folder. I couldn't find any links which is really sad cause I would love to do a write up on how he created his fantastic build.

And here are some more but no ID on who build them. Just check out all those details, and expressions on the figures. Awesome to say the least.

More highlights on Ma.K much later.


  1. Hi Bruce .
    My name is Fernando and I did that Falke Diorama .
    I posted all the contruction process on the mak forum .
    I guess you will have to login to see all the pages .

    Thanks for have listed my model here .
    your page is a great inspiration to me .

  2. Hi Fernando, that is awesome work done there. And thanks for the link. It is very inspiring