Monday, August 8, 2011

About Moebius Mark VII Viper Cockpit Tub

Teach me to check my email more often. I have received quite some feedback regarding the new Moebius Mark VII kit's Cockpit Tub. Firstly let me say the tub is not done in error. Its just a simplified cockpit done up for easier assembly and painting.  Most aircraft kits suffer from this and to get her to look as accurate as possible, you're going to need aftermarket parts.

For those who are not aware of this, here's what you get direct from the sprues, and a mock buildup courtesy of VoodooFX with its lighting accessories:

Bear in mind the design for that tub is intentional and it is indeed lacking a lot of the control panels and other details as seen from these images of the Studio Model. 

So if you are looking to have a more detailed outlook for your cockpit, check out ParaGrafix Photoetch detail set.

And here's how your cockpit would look like using the set. It makes a world of a difference.

Hopefully this post will clear up some misconception about the new kit.

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