Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Conversion Kit Alert - Modify your Mark VII to the VIIE Colonial Viper

Mark VIIE Viper? Is there even such a thing you ask? Well, again I have highlighted this before. Its a variant of the current Moebius Mark VII Viper, and was seen in operation on board the Battlestar Pegasus.

The variant Mark VIIE can be seen in my previous blog, with the Timeslip Creations' Mark VIIE kit, the very first kit made for the VIIE. She's a superbly crafted resin kit with lots of details, and highly accurate to the tee. Comes with a resin pilot figure but missing are the landing gears. 

Here's Starbuck piloting a Mark VIIE before doing another one of her signature landing, this time with a Razor Cylon Raider on top of her.

To see the difference, check out my highlight HERE or see a couple of images from that post below

Now do you see the difference? The bad news is that Moebius do not have any plans to produce this variant. The good news is that there is a conversion set done to enable you to modify your current MKVII to a VIIE variant. Its from Brad Hair Productions and its available at CultTVMan Hobbyshop

Here's how the conversion looks when attached unto the Moebius MKVII kit.

And Wallah!!! You now have an official Battlestar Pegasus variant .. or Atlantia, whichever suit your fancy. Neat huh ... Well .... Tricia seems to agree ....

OK, couldn't help posting that image. She did ask for it by tweeting them. Seriously there are still some work that needs to be done to completely overhaul your kit into the "E" variant. Brad Hair's parts took care of the main challenges, leaving the little things to your own creativity. I'll highlight more when I come to my Mark VIIE.


  1. You know Bruce, I always thought that the E version looks like they took a MK2 & used the chassis to make the MK7. Which I guess if the Galactica could make MK2 and then they met the Peggy stripped the viper making parts over to make new ones that might make sense. What do you think?
    Doug aka torren_of_amber @SSM

  2. Quite possible seeing the fuselage width being wider and thicker. Also wondering why the Mark VII has an E variant when there is none for the MKIIs.

  3. The "Echo" model/Super Viper name comes from its resemblance to the modifications to the F-18 to make it the F-18E/Super Hornet