Thursday, September 30, 2010

About Round 2's AMT 1/2500 scale Star Trek Enterprise C

Its great that Round2 is re-releasing these fantastic kits again. The previous release that had the 1/2500 scale Enterprise C was when they had the "3 Enterprises Sets". Set 1 had TOS 1701, 1701A and 1701D, and set 2 had 1701B, 1701 C and 1701 E. I still have these sets stack somewhere in my stash somewhere, and now Round 2 has actually re-released these in the market with new decals. The kits however are reissues of the earlier release. Here's some images how these Enterprise sets looked like when they were first released:

Set 1

Set 2

The Round 2 re-release still issues a 3 Enterprise Set, but this time it will have the TOS 1701, 1701A and 1701B while the Enterprise C, D and E now comes in their own box. All these 1/2500 scale re-release are now categorised as "Cadet Series", a new category given due to the simplicity of assembling these kits. Its also a way to help re-cultivate good old fashion Sci Fi Scale Modelling by producing easy to assemble kits that comes with very nice details and decals.

The Enterprise C re-release couldn't have come at a better time since this kit is truly rare in styrene format. I've read praises that the molds are good, and fittings are near to perfection. The new Aztec decals they've included also helps to give the kit a closer resemblance to what you see on TV.

This set did have one problem. The decals included had the "USS Enterprise" mispelled as "USS Enterpise", missing the "R".

But Round2 is making good its claim as a responsible and trustworthy Scale Model Kit Manufacturer. If you find your kit with this decal problem - then you need to just follow their instructions

Due to a typo on our latest release of the 1:2500 scale U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-C (AMT661), we are offering a replacement decal. Send the postcard included in the Enterprise 1701-C (AMT661) Star Trek model kit. Fill out the information completely and mark the bottom with “ENTERPRISE C”. The replacement decal will be sent out promptly.

Got that? Alrighty then, you're now set to produce one of Star Trek's famous ship and add her into your personal fleet collection.

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