Friday, September 3, 2010

More images of JTGraphic's Big G

You know how some pictures will illicit strong emotions? Well, these new images from Jeff Waclawski aka JTGraphics of the coming new Big G (NuGalactica) did it for me. I'm totally sold, and after studying the 2 kits I previously purchased from him (1/2500 scale Battlestar Valkryrie and the 1/48 scale Advance Cylon Raider), the quality of those kits were simply superb, nice fitting and little flashes to clean. So for this Big G, I'm seeing another fine kit coming. Miss this, and you miss an opportunity of a lifetime.

How do you say no to this

That's what I like about GKs (Garage Kits), you get kits that's hard to find.

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