Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to the Sci Fi Realm ... The Superstar Destroyer

Huge ships have always impressed me, especially when you see the sheer size of the behemoth. Be it a warship or an ocean liner, these vessels are magnificent. Imagine if you served onboard one, being part of the crew, or even fantasize about being its captain, the pride that goes along cannot be bought or rented.

One way to differentiate a ship's size is to visually compare her to something familiar. This is all too evident in the Star Trek Universe. Unfortunately the TV series don't do it justice as most times they don't show the ships to scale. Here's a good gauge how big each ship are to each other

When I first saw the Superstar Destroyer in the Empire Strikes Back, I remembered looking at her in the cinema screen with my jaw gapping. Man, now that's a mean looking thing. She's intimidating, she's pure power, and she's not someone you want to mess with. Its Darth Vader's ship, the Executor. Some screen caps to refresh the memory

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Darth Vader's Imperial March in the background ........

The SSD (Superstar Destroyer's acronym) was disappointing in Return of the Jedi however, especially seeing how easy she was destroyed

"Its a Trap" .... The SSD is the most recognizable ship from far

Now, would you believe there are kits for the SSD? I'm not talking about those game pieces, but those that are 17" and longer. Yup, resin kits are available, and some of them can be lighted too. But more about that another day. For now, enjoy some nostalgia with the screen caps above

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