Monday, September 27, 2010

Moebius 1/32 scale Battlestar Galactica Mark II Colonial Viper

I would say this kit is among the few most anticipated kit for 2010. I remembered when it was announced way back in November 2009 that Moebius was developing a sytrene kit for it, and fans all over the world waited impatienly for her release in March/April 2010. When she was eventually shipped from the factory in China, the shipping container got detained by US customs for "Total Inspection", a phrase used when a container is randomly selected for inspection inside out. This meant another week's delay. Oh, the anxiety, the excitement.

First time we got to see her was through the Box Art - no kits inside though
Lucky George of Timeslip Creations, got to look and assemble a test kit. He highlighted her as per below which got the rest of us drooling

The Mark II as it was called was of course an upgrade from the original Mark I from the original series. I was told the Mark I could still be seen as a Museum piece in the new Galactica Mini Series (but I couldn't find the scene). The Mark II was destined to share homeage to the first Cylon War as the Galactica herself was to be decommissioned. Due to their age, they were not installed with the latest military defense computer system. thus spared from the Cylon virus that destroyed everyone else.

A trip down memory lane with the Mark I

The Mark II was a dependable workhorse for the military, and has proven itself again in the survival of mankind. Starbuck of course rode her to perfection, and this little ship has been famous ever since then.

I still remembered the sleepness night when we were told US Customs had released the shipment containers. Cultman got their stock first, then followed by Starship Modeller ( I wanted boasting rights to show off the kit first in Malaysia, but a friend who ordered his through Cultman got that honour ... sigh). I also remembered John and Linda Lester of Starship Modeller requiring a vacation after 3 straight days of filling up orders like crazy.

I know of no other kit that had this kind of reception.

Since then, there had been many build ups of the Mark IIs. Some incorporating details that would leave your jaw gapping, others are build so perfectly they make it look so easy.

Click on my WIP journal for my own Moebius 1/32 scale Mark II build process. I'm afraid both the journal and my kit is still WIP at the moment

Coming soon - some sample work of kits done up so beautifully. Here's a fine example of one done up beautifully by Craig G

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