Tuesday, September 7, 2010

8 foot Imperial Star Destroyer WIP - by Monsieur Tox

One thing I discovered about Europe is that the continent there don't just have beautiful scenic views, they also have unique scale modellers that take the art of scale modelling to the limit. A case in point is Monsieur Tox's 8 foot Imperial Star Destroyer. His website has more information and details

Julien aka Monsieur Tox, has so far done a wonderful job replicating ILM's Imperial Star Destroyer used in The Empire Strikes Back. He has even gone to the extent of using the same parts from various plastic kits. His WIP is simply awesome, and his work so far has given the Star Destroyer some sense of credibility. Not sure why but whenever i look at his pictures, I keep thinking Interstellar Cruise Ship.

Just check out his work but get some tissues ready to wipe those drools and tears.

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The minute details on the hull and the side greebles are simply stunning. Though his Star Destroyer is far from complete, the work done so far deserves an A plus. Its practically every modeller' dream and fantasy to reproduce a kit with this much details, and making them look good when placed together.

How I wish I had even a tenth of this guy's talent. His work is truly FANTASTIC.

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