Friday, September 10, 2010

Awesome Built Reviews - Death Star Trench Dioramas

Let's face it, Star Wars literally gave the world the pioneering concept of one man fighters zig zagging around the universe blowing each other apart. I have seen so many builds on the X-Wing, the TIE fighters along with Lord Vader's Advance TIE.

But in terms of dioramas of a battle at the Death Star, well, there's a few. I would like to highlight a couple of these more impressive builds.

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First let's touch on Jochen Ortman's master piece. The site is in German so I can't explain much about his work, except that he creatively re casted the trench details. His TIE fighters' are also built beautifully, and using clear plastic rods, gives the illusion of flying. Click on the above link to see how he did it.

Check out the details on the trench

The second Death Star Trench diorama that's impressive was work on by another Japanese modeller. He included the Y-Wing fighter and lighted up his fighters.

The details on his Death Star Trench

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