Friday, September 24, 2010

Awesome Build Review - Today we go Naval - The USS John C Stennis CVN 74

We're going to stray a little bit away from Sci Fi topics today. You see, I have this problem. When I see an awesome build, despite it being from another genre, I just want to highlight them here. Such achievements should be shown to everyone so they can be enjoyed and appreciated, and serve as an incentive to new and skilled modellers alike to create magnificent presentations. And for today, I want to highlight some fantastic Naval build ups.

I have always been impressed with expert modellers who works on military subjects, especially tanks and ships, and have them placed in a diorama. These are the people who takes on the scale modelling challenge up to a higher level. The difference are seen from the way their kits are built, the sheer amount of details given to their models, and how the models are set up for viewing. That's nothing compared to the pre-project stage when you look at the amount of research, after market materials and work required, and I'm not even touching on the skill level yet. I've always believed that if you could master ship building (and creating a wonderful diorama), you could just about do anything.

From my observations alone, I have discovered that Naval Scale Modellers never ever accept any ship model kits straight out from the box. They'd do they're research, get the appropriate resin and photoetch parts, and build their babies according to a specific historical reference (this is also true with most Military scale modellers).

The first fantastic highlight is from Nattapon of Thailand on his 1/700 scale USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74). And at 1/700 scale, these kits are really small.

According to Nattapon, the kit is from Trumpeter and its in 1/700 scale as highlighted in the first image. In addition, he added the Gold medal model's Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier and 1/700 Aircraft Carrier crew from Eduard. Overall assembly was good with only the stern section having some fit problems requiring some filling and sanding. The decals came in a large sheet. He had also modified the bridge to showcase her in the year 2001, a period that still saw F-14 Tomcats in service.

Inspired by movies like Top Gun and Behind Enemy Lines, Nattapon created his build to fit 2 separate dioramas, one docking at the port, and another cruising on the ocean.

Kudos to Nattapon for these fantastic images.

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