Saturday, December 18, 2010

Edward James Olmos opens the door to an Animation Career in Malaysia and Asia

OK, so I took some time off my scale modelling to attend a function at HELP University College whereby Olmos Production will be working hand in hand with the University to produce Animator Talents. These talents can opt for a career with the Production House to create and develop future animations for Hollywood, and they will also work closely with Lucasfilm Singapore, for any other projects at hand. I'm glad I took the time off as it was truly worth it.

Olmos Production is headed by Micheal D. Olmos, the Vice President and working closely with Nickson Fong, a Singaporean who made it big in Hollywood, and was part of the team that did visual effects for Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan, and Shrek, among many other achievements. And speaking for this collaboration is non other than Edward James Olmos, the man that gave life and character to Commander Adama in the New Battlestar Galactica TV series

Nickson Fong began the presentation by showcasing some of the projects being undertaken by Olmos Production. Among them is an Animated TV series called ChopChops. The series that will make its debut in the US sometime in 2011, and it takes after a Kung Fu fighting grasshopper (I think its a grasshopper .. anyways ...) and the villain is a frog. They're short cute series with lots of puns and jokes, and they do look interesting. According to Nickson, Olmos Production also contribute to other animation needs, such as one done up for Nickson's friend entitled "Kung Fu Gecko".  Michael spoke about the risk within the industry itself, and noted that even Lucasfilm were understaffed. The work required are not easy, and they need talents from a lot of fields, particularly animators, to fulfill the industry's demands.

Olmos Production and Lucasfilm Singapore, are the first of two famous Hollywood companies that are setting a foothold in Asia due to the fact that Asia represents the new frontier where future collaborations and projects can take place.

Edward J Olmos, 63 years of age with over 40 years experience in the film industry, then took the podium, and I have to say that I was very impressed with his presentation. This man projected so much confidence and flair that the audience were simply captivated. And I'm not talking about his celebrity status. Mr. Olmos is very passionate about life and his views, and his advise and commentary on the industry  made quite an impact. He's casual approach and charisma made everyone so comfortable around him and you could tell this guy's acting talent is so natural. He did confess his nemesis now is ageing and he is very focused on keeping healthy.

Mr. Olmos' commanded a very authoritative presence and yet he was humble when talking to fans and parents. Before the multimedia presentation could get started, the staff at HELP University forgot to turn off the lights. Mr. Olmos casually walk over to the light switch located across the room, but was stumped at all the weird switches. His reaction there was so sudden and spontaneously funny when he placed both his hands around the wall and and went ... "Okaaaaaay" .... and got it right on the first try.

The presentation touched on certain issues pertaining to Asian parent's unwillingness to allow their children to take up courses that's not safe in terms of a stable income. Parents in Asia are more biased towards stable employment status for their children with jobs related to being a Doctor, Lawyer, Architect, etc. etc. The problem with these jobs are that if they are not the children's choice, they may embark on something else later on and all that cost spent on their education are wasted. Worse case scenario would even be that they wouldn't do well, and all those opportunities would be wasted.

Also interesting to note was that my Auntie was also there for the talk. I didn't know she was a Battlestar fan, and she didn't know that Edward James Olmos played Commander Adama. LOL ...

Actually she took her son, Daniel, to check out all the available courses that entails animation as Daniel was interested to pick this line up for his career. It so happen she saw the ad yesterday and decided to come today. The picture below may seem like Daniel was forced to attend, but trust me, he was glad to be there - see, no lease. This guy just never smiles.

My Aunt asked the first question pertaining to how sure a parent can be that their children would excel in this industry, and how one could encourage their children to use imagination as a motivation. Mr. Olmos' reply was quite accurate to say that these are very dependant on their children. There may be a lot of factors that may help encourage them, guide them, but eventually the strength all comes from within. Another parent asked if such a course would ensure a good career for their children, to which Michael replied that the job opportunities are there.

Most children nowadays are growing up fast and they know all about the Internet and technology, faster than their parents. The future is changing, and what was deemed good in the yesteryear may now not apply today. Animation as a career would not only fulfill the children's dream of being online, but it would also help them to grow in tandem to something that will benefit them later. It is with this focus Olmos Production wants to enter the Asian Market, seeing how a lot of Asians are slowly breaking into this industry.

The curriculum is slated to start first quarter of 2011 and I have requested for the course itinerary which will only be ready next month. I will update everyone here once I have these on hand. Meantime, more information on this tie up at HELP University College's Website and HERE.

Meet the Fans Session

Oh yeah, I was waiting for this. Its not everyday we get to meet Hollywood celebrities here in Malaysia, esp when its Commander Adama. I actually came early and chose front seats to see him. He was all smiles when I showed him my tons of collectibles I wanted him to autograph.

Meet Denise Chan from HELP University College. She was the emcee for the event, and another huge BSG fan.

And here's Daniel with Mr. Olmos and ............................ OMG!!!! He's smilling ...

One for the album, Mr; Olmos and Mr. Olmos

And my new found treasures. Edward James Olmos commented that he must have signed over 100 of these Moebius Kits and they usually end up selling for 300% more on eBay. I assured him that I will not sell these. They may be considered "autographed editions" now and they have a special place in my Showcase. The dog tags and Viper Patches belongs to a friend who wasn't able to attend the event.

Just thought of sharing .... well, its not everyday Hollywood celebrities come to Malaysia. Mr. Olmos left Malaysia a few hours later, and despite his departure, everyone is still pretty much in awe over his presence. Its nice to be able to meet your favourite star, and even better when he turns out to be better than what was expected. We hope you enjoyed your short visit to Malaysia, Mr. Olmos, and look forward to your future endeavours. Thank you for visiting us in this far corner of the globe.


  1. oh my god! i cannot believe you met the 'Old Man' himself. i practically wept when i heard mr olmos came to HELP while i was stuck in UiTM.!!!! lucky you...

  2. Thanks Nazurah. I did mention to the HELP Administrators that they needed to advertise more about the event. I only saw the ad a day before and even then it was through my wife. If she hadn't seen it, I would have totally missed meeting Mr. Olmos.

  3. oh yes...they should have advertised it more prominently. I only knew after my brother told me about it. Well, what's a girl to do....the only way to cheer myself up is to have a bsg marathon! frak yeah! btw, if u dont mind me asking, where did u get the colonial dog tags? (i'm relatively new in this whole sci-fi scene. only 18 years old....)

  4. LOL ... Seems like I'm constantly on a BSG marathon. Need to look for reference materials. The dog tags belongs to a friend by the name of "Kal". He got it from his friend who works at QMx, USA. Neat huh .. seems like a lot of people was also asking. And welcome to the Sci Fi Scene. We need more people with dreams and imagination. So say we all

  5. so say we all indeed! i watched caprica....but it wasn't as good as BSG....havent watched the plan yet... thank you for welcoming me! hahhaha

  6. Yeah, Caprica was a disappointment. There's a new one coming called BSG Chrome and Blood, takes place during the first Cylon War and features a very young Adama. Looking forward to that one

  7. oh really? i didnt know tht.....hope it is on the same par as bsg....btw, im glad to have finally found another bsg fan!

  8. Me too. BTW, I was looking at your blog and I have to say, your English is Excellent.

  9. oh thank you. hahaha...its sad to say tht my english is better than my malay.i prefer to post abt politics

  10. It was such a great day!Btw, Im the bloke texting away next to your aunt. It was only after I left that I realised we could have asked him to include his "Husker: callsign in his signature. Cant wait for Chrome & Blood.

  11. Ahh, finally found you, or should I say you found me .. LOL. Yeah, it would have been great if he could stay longer. Hope he's in Chrome and Blood for the later scenes.