Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My New Toy - The HTC Desire HD

Not Sci Fi related thought I feel like it is when I uses her. Introducing my new handphone, the HTC Desire HD.

I'm relatively a Die Hard Nokia fan since I love the simplicity and straight forward properties provided by that brand, but when my Nokia 6600 started emitting a whirling sound whenever I charge her, and when the OS started giving some twitchy problems after 2 years usage, I knew it was time to change. So we, as in my wife and me, originally wanted another Nokia but alas, all the current models available were not up to spec. In another words, they did nothing for me when I viewed the available models. So I opted for the Sony Ericson Aino after hearing some good reviews from friends. Should have waited a little longer. That phone was a total crap, slow OS, slow in sending out SMS, non-user friendly buttons and lousy camera functions. The touch screen was solely for multimedia usage only .. nothing much to shout about. After about 2 months plus usage, enough was enough. We got rid of her in November and used 2 old Blackberries given by my brother as temporary phones.

So since we decided we didn't mind spending bucko bucks for good quality handphones that are more user friendly, and that we hope to be able to use for over a 5 years period (tentative plan only), we decided its time to get some personal feedbacks from users on their touchscreen models. Well, that decision came about since we are practically surrounded by everyone else with such handphones. I have to admit I do feel like a dinosaur working my temporary Blackberry 9000 when most of my colleagues are already on the iPhone. In fact, I still haven't totally figured out how you use a Blackberry. Anyway we  managed to shorlist our handphones to two brands - the iPhone4 and HTC Desire HD

After toying around with the iPhone and my boss' HTC Desire (not the HD version), I was sold on Android phones. Don't get me wrong, iPhone4 is a good phone to use and it is appealing especially for the younger generations. But it just doesn't feel like a real handphone to me. And another thing that puts me off iPhones are the users. The moment they own one, 80% of the owners suddenly becomes "snobbish", always engrossed with the phone and from the way they react to others, its like they stand apart from others. Not really sure if this is a side effect from owning this phone but I see that a lot with iPhone4 owners. A handful exempted of course, like my insurance agent ex colleague who was very kind enough to show us her iPhone.

So we put in our orders, and waited for our new Phones which was suppose to come next year 2011 in January. Imagine my surprise when I got a call last Friday. They're here. The shop brought in 8 units, all of which was on special orders.

Simple packaging for a RM2K plus handphone. But it works for me

Each set consist of the handset, a USB charger that comes with a connector, and a somewhat old fashion hands free earpiece. Still waiting on the screen protector, car charger and an appropriate pouch to carry her before I actually start using the phone

The phone is slim and doesn't look plastic at all, and its heavier than my Blackberry 9000.

With that 4.3" screen in HD format, I was totally blown away with the sharpness of the image. I tested the camera and was surprised at the picture quality too.

I'm no expert when it comes to reviewing handphones. I have always looked forward to simplicity but I am willing to make an exception for this HTC model. Probably going to need to learn about Android Phones from scratch but I am happy with her so far.

There were a few things I wasn't particularly thrilled about:

1. The phone is heavier than what I was normally used to, and longer. That makes carrying it around cumbersome when I love having them on a pouch attached to my belt.

2. The 4 simple buttons at the bottom of the phone is really sensitive. I can't hold this phone the normal way I do with other phones cause I keep pressing something and then wonder what the heck did I do.

3. The battery ... it depletes really fast when I was fooling around with her. I hear the same thing with the iPhone4 as well so I'm guessing technology hasn't quite catch up yet.

And here's what I like about the HTC Desire HD:

a. That wide screen .. OMG!!! Pictures are really stunningly clear, and bright. It makes the phone alive.

b. All those fancy functions .. abet it will take a little getting use to but I can see why my boss swears by this brand.

c. Applications comes up very fast, and it is user friendly too - right now anyway.

d. Tested the camera ... and true to the HD format, I found a growing pimple on my wife's chin. LOL

Of course before i can fully use this phone, I need to recopy all my phone contacts again into paper, and re-key them in again into the new phone ... #%@$!!!!.  I lost a lot of contacts when I changed from my Nokia to Sony Ericson then to Blackberry. Thank God the crucial ones were intact.

Well, at least I don't feel like a dinosaur now ... the things we middle aged people do to look relevant .. sigh

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