Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Moebius Galactica - Who have already Completed Their Kit?

I'm still at Stage 1 on my Moebius Galactica WIP kit, trying to rectify the ribs inaccuracies from the top neck area toward mid ship section. I need to extend the armour outward and recreate the missing ribs. I've tried using Aves but the area are just too small and its not easy working with putties on a small scale. Now I'm using styrene strips. So far, its working. Studying on recreating the Flight Pod's Recess details using styrene strips.

Then I had to go drill holes on the mid head section of the "Alligator Head" of the Galactica when I am feeling tired and sleepy ... crap ... can't see straight, shaky hands and I accidentally twitched causing my drill bit to break ... sigh. More report to come .. when I figure out how to salvage my mistakes.

And here are some scale modellers that really make this job looks so easy. Not only that, some have even already completed 3 kits .... AAARGH!! I am like sooo behind.

Cylon75's Lighted Moebius Galactica

SG99's Battlestar Shipyard

Some info pertaining to Cylon75's beautiful build-up, the kit was complimented with PhotoEtch parts from ParaGrafix, and the Battlestar Hull Decals from Acreations Models . Washing was done using shoe polish ... don't laugh .. his kit came out looking not only good, but its among some of the best build kit around. His attention to details are remarkable, and one thing about Cylon75 is that this guys is fast. I mean really fast.

Here's some status updates on SG99's Shipyard Diorama. Its actually not completed yet but the work done so far are just simply stunning. Eyeing to see the details he's working on for the Shipyard. This one is really going to stand out.

So, anymore impressive builds? Well, time will reveal more, I'm sure of it. And you'll get to know who they are when I highlight them here.

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