Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Received my Acreation Models Battlestar Galactica Decals

Received my Battlestar Galactica decals from Acreation Models today. I have only seen small images of these and even then they were in sections - and for a good reason too. Apparently someone has been plagiarising Acreations' hard work and duplicating their decals, then selling them off to unsuspecting buyers. I've heard that the culprit even has the nerve to say they were from Acreation Models and that those were "extras" he purchased or not used.

Hence my highlights for the Battlestar Galactica's actual decals will be limited to only one image above to protect the company's work. But I will give you a brief description.

I bought 5 units of these decals, 3 of which was the Deluxe Set which encompasses the entire Moebius Galactica kit (between the ribs and all), and 2 set of just the Armour Decals.

The Deluxe set comes in 3 pages worth of decals plus a colour page of the Galactica's Otho's (top and bottom view of the ship) with numbered instructions on where to place them. There are so many of them and its going to take a lot of patience to get them all there. And the Aztec patterns are actually more of a maze of shades of grey squares interloping each other. I can't believe I actually originally wanted to paint these on the kit. I would have gone mad just trying to mask all those squares.

These decals are really amazing in that they actually compliment the base colour for your ship. I've yet to see anyone use this set with the decals between the ribs.

The other set is called the Armour Aztec Decals Set, limited to the armour areas only, and surprisingly is sufficient to give your Galactica kit a very realistic finished look. It only has 2 pages worth of decals for all the armour areas, and not as many pieces since the in-between rib areas were not included. Again the set comes with a coloured Otho's to help guide you with the placement.

Unlike other decals that you may be familiar with on other plastic kits, Acreation's Aztec decals do not overshadow your paint work. In fact, they're more like very light shades that compliments the paint job on your kit.

To help you gauge how the decals look on the Moebius kit, below are 2 professionals who used the "shoe polish technique" and then applied Acreation Models decals using the Armour Aztec Decals set. Judge for yourself the finished look on the kits.

Cylon75's Galactica

Superjedi's Galactica

The decals also help give the Flight Pod areas a "busy" look and hides an otherwise smooth surface on the ship, a potential sore eye area. It definitely makes a big difference, especially when you talk about completing her within your lifetime.

You can still get these decals with the Holiday Sales Prices at Acreation Models' website HERE but you need to hurry as December is coming to an end.

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