Monday, December 27, 2010

The Very First New BSG Hangar Deck Diorama Created ....

Or at least I believe this one is cause I haven't seen any others yet that are done up this well. I can't remember who build this as I found these images under my generic BSG image folder, but I do know the builder had put up his work on eBay. If you know who build this, do let me know and I'll assign the credits to him/her.

Some of the accessories on his diorama do look familiar (yeah, I've highlighted the Viper's ladder and Tool Cart before but I believe these were scratch build ... I could be wrong too) but the hangar bay set up does look nice. I'm not sure if this one is 100% accurate, but this guy was the first to come up with one, and a nice one at that too. Congrats on such a nice build up.

There were also other accessories done up for a hangar bay diorama but I haven't heard any updates from these, nor do I remember who was building them. They're still great to look at and can serve as a reference material for others who wants to emulate them. The ladder below do not look like the same one done up by Larson Designs, so I really don't know who the creator for these are. Drop me a note if you do and I'll again give them due credit.

As for the rest of us (including me) who are still planning of creating a hangar bay diorama for the new Galactica, let these be an inspiration to get cracking soon. So Say We All!!!

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