Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pegasus Hobbies Alien Creature 1/8 Scale

Until I saw the box cover in more detail, I didn't realise the alien creature seen in the 2005 movie version of War of the Worlds had four hands and one hind leg, just like the Alien Queen in Aliens. They do look menacing, not something you want for a pet. Here is Pegasus Hobbies presentation of the Alien Creature in 1/8 scale. It stands about 7" build. The parts are mainly vinyl with semi poseable plastic limbs, and even comes with two different necks so each kit can be posed according to your preference. The base is basically styrene.

Though the original prototype was given various coats of green, I do believe the the basic shape of the molds  help give it a somewhat slimy appearance, which is good cause they do look slimy on screen. The darker green stripe on the other hand, they look like they were done via an airbrush. Its going to be a challenge trying to emulate the pattern.

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I don't know about the rest of you but when I saw the revamped alien creature for the first time in the cinema, they looked pretty cool, until I saw a comparison image of it and the invading aliens seen in Independence Day .. hmmm, difference only with the eyes and head design. I didn't follow through with who initially designed them but both designs could well probably come from the same person. Here's how the concept alien creature looked like.

And here's the comparison.

And talking about similarities .......

Some screen caps from the 2005 movie

Pegasus Hobbies Alien Creature Parts

Images of the kit's parts were obtained from HERE. Unfortunately I don't understand the contents as they were in another language, but the site's pretty neat as they have extensive coverage and images of other Pegasus Hobbies kits.

You can see form the molds the parts are clean and sharp, and the pose quite fluid. There may be some seams and gaps to fill depending on how you want to pose .. erm .. him? It?

The other parts look quite impressive as well, with the veins and wood texture captured very well. That means there are more possibility to paint your kit in many various forms, and the potential to create a new look for these are endless.

Here's what Els did with his at the Hobbytalk forums. He chopped off the end of the plastic base and created walls to give the diorama a more realistic outlook. The brick wall was carved out of Balsa foam while the other wall was made from Balsa/Bass wood. The Alien Creature was further modified to fit onto the base. He also changed the colour scheme to blend in with that alien fungus thingy seen in the movie

And here's what Toonarmy did with his over at, calling his diorama "Don't go down the basement". He created his diorama using two alien creatures, looking more like this was a scene from the movie if you were to look at the screen caps I had posted earlier.

It really looks like a worthwhile kit to get. The assembly of parts look easy enough and the details are quite impressive. But painting it .. hmmmm .... yes, that's looking like a challenge, unless if you opt for a simple grey hue skin texture, well, that may work too.

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