Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Talking about BSG Hangar Bay Dios, What Others Have Done ....

As you know, since Moebius released the MKII Viper, there had been quite a few Hangar Bay dioramas done up throughout the months. Some was comprehensively highlighted in this blog, with the first being from this guy. I didn't save the link, and when I was searching for new BSG accessories, I actually came across his eBay page selling his diorama. Actually I'm not even sure if its the same guy but I took note on some similarities on the figures.

The bid have since ended a long time ago but I finally managed to get his nick and saw that he made more improvements to his diorama piece. Nice work there Craftylandj. His complete hangar bay diorama now consist of two MKII Vipers but missing are the back wall of the hangar bay.

I'll highlight more of that masterpiece later. In the meantime, the most comprehensive hangar bay diorama I have seen to date ... well, without any doubt, the award goes to all those talented modelers from The Science Fiction and Fantasy Modellers UK Club with their group effort showpiece. It was here when the Moebius MKVII was first seen.

And then throughout the course of time, numerous other dioramas surfaced. I'm not sure who built these, but they're quite innovative. I don't think those are Moebius 1/32 Viper kits, most probably 1/72 resin kits, and the tow vehicle do look like a paper model.

Suffice to say, none of these dioramas were able to capture an accurate representation of Galactica's hangar bay and some of these settled for parts of the bay, which is not a bad thing since its not easy trying to replicate that - until now.  

So sit back and enjoy these builds as they are impressive and detailed, especially when there are so many accessories and figures included in them.

Here's Craftylandj's build, probably kept in a showcase by the new owner somewhere now.

And here is Gatooscuro's build under Darth Gatus Studio, with a very good build up of the hangar bay. Noticed he even has Commander Adama there? I thought I saved the link for this one but for the life of me I can't find it.

The thing that help set these dioramas apart from others is that lighting was used on them. It has always been said when you decide to light up your kit, the process gives life to the kit, making your starfighter, starship, planes, ships ... anything, it really makes them alive.

Hope you enjoyed these as I had.

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