Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Acreation Models Black Turkey Sale

For those not familiar, Acreation Models is famous for aftermarket decals and parts focussing primarily on Star Trek, a little on Star Wars and BSG. I myself am a fan of Acreation Models and I own quite a few of this company's decals. I also know of a lot of a lot of modellers who depend on this company to provide accurate decals for their Starships.

The decals are not cheap, and they are naturally of superior quality with some having as many as 7-15 pages worth of decals for just one kit.  And why are these decals important? Well, they are important since not many people are able to paint the details for the ship's hull, or make their own accurate markings. So this is truly an opportunity to grab these decals at wholesaler price.

Here are some listings of what's on sale.

1:72 FM Millennium Falcon Clear Resin Engine Nozzles - $25.00ea
1:72 FM Millennium Falcon Photoetch Details - $30.00ea
1:350 Enterprise Refit Aztec Decals - $40.00ea
1:1000 Enterprise Refit Aztec Decals - $12.00ea
1:1000 Enterprise B Aztec Decals - $20.00ea
1:1400 Enterprise E Aztec Decals - $20.00ea
1:2500 Enterprise E Aztec Decals - $12.00ea
1:1400 Enterprise D Aztec Decals - $35.00ea
1:2500 Enterprise D Aztec Decals - $15.00ea
1:350 NX-01 Enterprise Aztec Decals - $30.00ea
1:1000 NX-01 Enterprise Aztec Decals - $12.00
1:1400 Enterprise E Photoetch Details - $16.00ea

Sale will begin officially on 24th November 2010 at so be sure to head that way and grab what you need. Not everything there are abundant in supplies so its first come first serve basis.

Regular Holiday Sale prices will commence on 29 November at the same link. Happy Holidays Shopping everyone ... even if its not a holiday for you, pretend it is. Its more fun that way.

Finally, yes, Finally the Moebius Battlestar Galactica is in my Hands

With a 5 - 10 days shipping period for International Priority Mails, the wait itself was painful but Starship Modeller again did not disappoint. Package came exactly 10 days and boy, I felt like a little kid again.

I had pre-ordered this kit for a very long time, I think among the first few who did, hoping to get her fast. I didn't expect the strong demand for this kit overwhelmed almost most of the online stores, delaying the shipping by a few days. But the package came, and I am happy.

When I got home, I began snapping pictures at the new arrivals until my 5th click when I got the dreaded  "Battery Weak Warning". Darn it .. had to recharge the camera batteries before I could continue. After two and a half hours of recharge time, I'm back snapping pictures away. Interestingly enough, I have another shipment from CultTVman that's coming and according to the Tracking Status, it just reached Malaysian Customs yesterday. So that'll take another one or two days before she reaches me.

So for today's package, I received 2 units of Moebius BSG, the aftermarket PEs from Paragrafix for the BSG, and PE for the 1/350 scale Polar Lights Refit Enterprise, Hull decals for the 1/350 scale NX01, and several Mark II Viper Canopy Mask.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Updated Starship Comparison Charts

Remember my post when I highlighted the Starship Comparison Chart in this blog (in case you can't, its HERE). Well, I managed to get an updated version as of October 2010. Neat huh, that someone is actually updating these to reflect on the newer shows and compare them to the older ones.

Anyway, here they are in case you're wondering how big these ships are in comparison with their "peers"

A special thanks to Dan Carlson for making and updating these.

Build Reports for the Moebius 1/4105 scale Galactica

I haven't received mine yet so I can't report much about what I have done. I find myself getting rather impatient especially when I see a few people already starting on theirs. I'm the type I would study the parts thoroughly based on researched materials and try to emulate as close as possible. Maybe this is the reason why a lot of my projects are done halfway - whenever I get stuck, I leave the project alone for a while until an idea props up. But usually something else crop up and I get sidetracked .. hmmmm.

Anyways, my hat is off to those who have already started on theirs. I already know of 3 individuals and they're plans for their builds are quite interesting.

The first one is from Seashark who contrasted his armour colours bringing out a very clear definition of depth. It is living proof that a paint job done well makes a hell of a difference to your finished kit. And you don't need lights to make yours look this good. You can follow his build report HERE

This one is very ambitious and its from sg-99 who decided to pose his Galactica in the Scorpion Shipyard diorama. There are still a lot of work to be done for this one and when completed, will truly stand out among others. Good job so far, we will be following closely with the progress report for her completion. You too can follow his build report HERE

And finally we have Cylon75. I have always admired this modeller for his speed and enthusiasm. His finished kits are nicely done with weathering effects from ... a shoe polish. Yup, you heard right. I think he is the only one I know who is creative enough to do that, and he does it very well.

For the Moebius kit, he is going to light her up, and had even made some detail improvements on her mold surface. Look at the pictures carefully and you'll see bits and pieces of styrene strips pasted on. I checked with the ZOIC images and found that the pieces ARE suppose to be there. Well done.  And another thing I like about Cylon75, and I speak on behalf of many here, we are all truly appreciative of his continuous updates. You can follow his build report HERE too.

A word of caution from Cylon75 when you're fitting the hangar bay decals. Test fit the upper pod's fuselage constantly to see if that piece does not mess up the decals. You may need to re-arrange the decal placement to ensure a perfect fit, as in it doesn't look out of place.

And here's one for creativity and being economical as well, Halanar D's lighting set up using lights from a Target Battery powered 18 LED Christmas Set. And I doubt his kit is in preparation for the coming Christmas as a Christmas ornament. Its going to look great when completed. You can follow his build report HERE

And finally, a word of advise for those of you are beginning with your build. A fitting issue had been discovered when you are fitting in your Flight Pod recess (the piece where the Hangar Bay section can retract into).  The triangle shaped tabs that was molded together at the underside section will prevent your recess from fitting snugly. Thanks to Marko Scheloske for highlighting this, and he has also given the solution to circumvent it. I would suggest you follow his steps lest you start pulling your hair out of frustration. I've included his exact notes under the images for your referral.

1.) Hangar pod bay garage as it comes in the kit, with all 5 tabs. Not so nice fit.

2.) One of the shortened triangular "assistant tabs" which are definitely not needed to hold the part in place:

3.) Fit of the garage with shortened triangular tabs. Not perfect, but much better than before:

Other than these, do enjoy your build. I'm looking forward to joining in when I get mine, hopefully next week.

ANNOUNCEMENT! CultTVman Hobbyshop Christmas Sale

A very Special Announcement - one that's way in advance of the coming Christmas Holidays. Now you don't have to look so hard to find a gift, or get worried about the Christmas rush.

Always complaining that the Moebius Mark II Viper was too expensive? Looking for incredible savings on other kits? Well, CutTVMan Hobbystore is having its Christmas sale early and if you're looking for gift items, better start grabbing them soon before the Christmas rush, otherwise they're all gone and that's it. So many choices ranging from Star Trek, Batmobiles, Munsters, etc ....... Get them HERE!!

Accurizing the Classic Enterprise Bridge Set (from AMT)

Anyone who grew up watching Star Trek during the 1960s and who are also into scale modelling, would surely have one of this, the AMT original series USS Enterprise Command Bridge set. I saw this a long time ago but I didn't buy it since I favoured the ships more, but now that I am seriously into scale modelling, I decided, why not. I saw this kit lying around in a local hobby store a few months back and decided to get her, thinking one day, I'm going to give this one a go and make her as authentic tot he classic show as possible. Below are 2 box art design done for the kit, with the lower one being the earlier issue.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Received Timeslip Creations 1/4105 scale Cylon Basestar and a brief comparison with the NuGalactica

I had wanted to shout out for joy but that would have been too embarrassing. Always thought I'd get used to the Courier Service delivering a package to me at my office as they had done so many times, and this morning was no different. I really felt like a kid again.

And I wasn't really surprised what's in the package. You could say I was literally expecting her today or tomorrow - its Timeslip Creations (TC) 1/4105 scale Cylon Basestar. And the thing I like about Timeslip Creations' packages (besides the kit's quality) are the dependable service rendered and timely shipping. Its A+++. Bear in mind I'm in Malaysia and that package was sent from IL, USA.

I had highlighted this new Cylon Basestar kit before HERE but just as with other reviews, what you see there are just mere images of what to expect. And I expect nothing but the best quality from TC.  What I held in my hands just now not only fulfilled that satisfaction, but I am amazed at the level of details on her, and the entire resin casting was so light weight I don't have to worry about how I'm going to display her. The kit is roto-casted, meaning she's hollow so as to allow lighting if you so chose to light her. Grade A resin was used and once again very little flash to clean.

Here's what you get : 26 high quality resin parts of which 10 of them comprises of the Basestar's smaller top and bottom fuselage (they look like fingers in the picture), and 12 smaller connecting pieces that joins together to form the upper hull's lower level and lower hull's upper level. The 2 mid section pieces fits together like a glove and even allows you to pose her just like in BSG : The Plan where the Basestar rotated their Y formation in parallel unison to launch their planetary attacks.

I've even compared this kit to Timeslip Creation's 1/4105 scale NuGalactica (its the same size with the Moebius Galactica) and its fascinating to see where the Galactica has the mass, the Basestar's advantage is her length. Another advantage here is the fact that there are no styrene plastic kits done for the new Cylon Basestar at this present moment, none planned by anyone, and definitely none proposed at this scale. So if you want to pose your Moebius Galactica in a battle diorama against a Basestar in the same scale, this resin kit is it.

Check out the Details on the Resin Parts

Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Mark II Viper Studio Scale Reference - Pristine Condition from Season 1-3

Here are images from Lee Stringer's album of a pristine Viper with minimal damage. The detailed shots on some of the Viper's parts are stunning to say the least, and after viewing these, I just realised I may have made some mistakes on my Moebius kit.

Detailed Images of the new Galactica's Hangar Bay

These images of the Galactica's Hangar Bay were taken mostly by Lee Stringer during Season 1-3 of the new series and provides a very detailed account of the shape of the bays, the equipments as well as other props that was used to give added realism to the hangar bay ambiance. I took the liberty to add a few other shots in since the topic is about the Hangar Bay