Friday, November 19, 2010

Received Timeslip Creations 1/4105 scale Cylon Basestar and a brief comparison with the NuGalactica

I had wanted to shout out for joy but that would have been too embarrassing. Always thought I'd get used to the Courier Service delivering a package to me at my office as they had done so many times, and this morning was no different. I really felt like a kid again.

And I wasn't really surprised what's in the package. You could say I was literally expecting her today or tomorrow - its Timeslip Creations (TC) 1/4105 scale Cylon Basestar. And the thing I like about Timeslip Creations' packages (besides the kit's quality) are the dependable service rendered and timely shipping. Its A+++. Bear in mind I'm in Malaysia and that package was sent from IL, USA.

I had highlighted this new Cylon Basestar kit before HERE but just as with other reviews, what you see there are just mere images of what to expect. And I expect nothing but the best quality from TC.  What I held in my hands just now not only fulfilled that satisfaction, but I am amazed at the level of details on her, and the entire resin casting was so light weight I don't have to worry about how I'm going to display her. The kit is roto-casted, meaning she's hollow so as to allow lighting if you so chose to light her. Grade A resin was used and once again very little flash to clean.

Here's what you get : 26 high quality resin parts of which 10 of them comprises of the Basestar's smaller top and bottom fuselage (they look like fingers in the picture), and 12 smaller connecting pieces that joins together to form the upper hull's lower level and lower hull's upper level. The 2 mid section pieces fits together like a glove and even allows you to pose her just like in BSG : The Plan where the Basestar rotated their Y formation in parallel unison to launch their planetary attacks.

I've even compared this kit to Timeslip Creation's 1/4105 scale NuGalactica (its the same size with the Moebius Galactica) and its fascinating to see where the Galactica has the mass, the Basestar's advantage is her length. Another advantage here is the fact that there are no styrene plastic kits done for the new Cylon Basestar at this present moment, none planned by anyone, and definitely none proposed at this scale. So if you want to pose your Moebius Galactica in a battle diorama against a Basestar in the same scale, this resin kit is it.

Check out the Details on the Resin Parts

A preliminary test fit of all the parts shows how easily each piece falls into place. Abet I need to clean up some of the casting flashes and mold pins to get the perfect fit, but you don't need to be a genius to figure out what goes where. My kit didn't come with any instruction sheet (not sure if others do) and it took me all about 1 minute to pose her like the below image. I am still astounded by the sheer details on her. And I am very tempted to try lighting this one up, but I need a reality check first. Don't want to get way ahead of myself with all the possibilities.

Over here, I decided to pose the Basestar next to Timeslip Creation's 1/4105 scale New Galactica resin kit. I would love to pose her with the Moebius Galactica kit as well but unfortunately that shipment is still en route. The resin Galactica kit will still serve well here since it is similar in length and width with the Moebius kit (I heard Moebius  used Timeslip Creation's resin kit to create the masters for its styrene kit's molds). You can clearly see the size variance below.

Details on Timeslip's New Galactica Resin Kit

I will highlight more on Timeslip's New Galactica resin kit later when I have the Moebius styrene kit with me for comparison. In the meantime, here are some images to show how long these kits are. The new Galactica measures close to 14" while the Basestar took up the entire ruler's length at 18".

Painting her shouldn't be a problem since I have a lot of reference materials in this blog on the new Cylon Basestars. Deciding on the paints ... Haishhhhh ... now that's another issue. Do I use Alclad IIs? Or Gunze Sangyo's Metallic paints? 'll worry about all that later when I come to painting her.

In the meantime, don't wait too long if you're still undecided. Garage kits do not have that type of security assurance plastic styrene kits do - that is, once they've finish they're run, there is a big chance there won't be anymore re-issues as its dependant on many factors, primarily sales record and mold life span. And if there is going to be a plastic version, a very big IF at that, its going to be a while before anyone sees it.

The Cylon Basestar is priced at USD$ 118 plus shipping. Shipping within the US is USD$ 7.95 via USPS including delivery confirmation. George's paypal is

George can also be contacted by email at

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