Saturday, November 13, 2010

For those who already have their Moebius Galactica ....

Lucky you ... HAHAHA! Sigh ...

Mine's still being processed and judging from how late both Starship Modeller and CultTVMan got their stock, I'm only guessing mine will only be shipped anytime next week, then it'll take abt 5 - 10 days for them to arrive here in Malaysia ... Sigh Again. And another interesting note, I just checked at SSM's store web page and they only have 4 units left as of 6:52pm 13 November Malaysian Time. Whoa!!!! First time I see a styrene kit selling out within a few days after arriving at the shop. If its any indication at all, there has been numerous reports of the moebius Galactica kit selling out all over. This is truly a very hot selling item.

Here are some more images of the kit's parts courtesy of Steven H Lee aka ignatz at the SSM forum. These images shows more of the overall parts plus some very nice close ups, and the decals that was included.

I was also informed that the size of the Moebius Galactica's box is the same with the Moebius Mark II Viper, which is good cause they don't require a lot of space in storage, unlike the older AMT Star Trek kits which had more box space than kit, as shown from F91's image. Cat's there for scale comparison .. ahem. Kit is about 13" long at 1/4105 scale.

The potential of adding more details and further accurizing this kit is endless. I can't wait to see how others build up theirs, the variants, and creativity is simply going to be astounding .. I hope. Getting a little over excited here.

For more on the aftermarket parts, please refer to my earlier post HERE. The PE set now even have a short video (done up by Paragrafix and posted on Youtube) to show you how you can bend the Landing Bay PE. I have attached it here for convenience sake

Folding the Landing Bays for the Moebius Models Galactica Kit

If you need reference materials to help with your build, do check out the following links

New Battlestar Galactica Part 1
New Battlestar Galactica Part 2
New Battlestar Galactica Part 3
New Battlestar Galactica Part 4 - General Screen Caps of the mighty ship
New Battlestar Galactica Part 5 - Adama's Last Tour and Farewell Galactica

So for those who have received your kit in hand, I look forward to your builds. I'll start mine when I get her ..... sigh ... Good luck everyone, and have fun assembling and painting her. Remember, in your hands, she is your Galactica.

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