Monday, November 8, 2010

BSG New Series Razor Raider

The Razor Raider uses back the original classic cylon raider but expanded on the design to make her look more intimidating and formidable, and not easily destroyed. Of course the 3 Cylon crew was maintained despite the arguments that cylons are advanced cyborgs and you don't really need 3 of them to pilot the fighter craft. Also another plus point is that the new Razor Raider do not look like a "pancake".

Overall design is best captured in this Razor Raider's collector statue.

So what changed in the design. If you look closely and compare her to the classic raider, you'll see the new design looks almost like a Vampire Bat springing out at ya. Yup, the wing tips are extended outward just like the standard and advance raider, and the guns are more pronounced. The twin engine housing looks more powerful and the overall ship is sleeker.

Classic Raider comparison against the Razor Raider

Here's a scratch build done by cylon75 using the Revell/Monogram kit. He actually butchered up the old kit, scratch build some new parts and created .. his Razor Raider. Superbly done up, the kit looks awesome.

And here's a kit done by Kenneth Gogan, again using the original Monogram / Revell kit. It was highlighted at, and your build needs to be fantastic in order to be highlighted there

Available Kits

Only one I know that is developing a kit for this fantastic design Raider is JT-Graphic's Bad Azz who is coming out with the 1/48 scale resin kit. Its scheduled to be released soon. I'm not sure exactly when but I will highlight any new developments here once I have news.

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