Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Cylon Basestars - Old and New and What's Out There

From the Burger design to the formidable Y shaped Basestars, these Battle Cruisers proved to be a match for the Colonies' Military as they fought to a truce with no clear winners. It took the betrayal from Baltar 41 years later to give the Cylons the opportunity they needed to have the upper hand, devastating the 12 colonies.

A prelude to the Y designed Basestars was this Basestar seen in Razor. Its not quite the "Y" shape we have grown accustomed to but it gives us an indication this is an earlier model, and still using the "Razor Raider" on its frontline

The basestars used in the devastation of the 12 Colonies

Battle Damaged Basestar

Available Kits

The very first kit for the Cylon Basestars was of cource produced and sold by Monogram. The kit itself rivals the size of Monogram's Battlestar Galactica kit and is also inaccurate, but only to a certain extent. The reason I mention to a certain extent is because there is not much reference materials made available for this Basestar. Lets face it, sales for villain or their vehicles cannot match Hero units, and this can be seen from sales record worldwide. The kit is later reissued under "new tooling" by Revell, but exactly what changed remains a mystery for me since I don't have the Revell kit, just the Monogram kit.

A fine build can be found at the website but unfortunately the contents are Greek to me.

For the Basestars under the new series, we have several kits available in the market in resin format. Unfortunately we don't have any at the moment in Styrene Plastic.

Alliance 1/9600 scale - available at Federation Models (Look under "Alliance")

Timeslip Creations 1/4105 scale - available from Timeslip Creations. Please email George HERE

Fantastic Plastic 1/4150 scale - available at Fantastic Plastic

Howling Wolf 1/2500 scale - available at JT-Graphics

I'll link back to this site once I start highlighting amazing builds of Cylon Basestars. There are a few .. somewhere. Just can't find them in my numerous folders.

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