Sunday, November 21, 2010

Build Reports for the Moebius 1/4105 scale Galactica

I haven't received mine yet so I can't report much about what I have done. I find myself getting rather impatient especially when I see a few people already starting on theirs. I'm the type I would study the parts thoroughly based on researched materials and try to emulate as close as possible. Maybe this is the reason why a lot of my projects are done halfway - whenever I get stuck, I leave the project alone for a while until an idea props up. But usually something else crop up and I get sidetracked .. hmmmm.

Anyways, my hat is off to those who have already started on theirs. I already know of 3 individuals and they're plans for their builds are quite interesting.

The first one is from Seashark who contrasted his armour colours bringing out a very clear definition of depth. It is living proof that a paint job done well makes a hell of a difference to your finished kit. And you don't need lights to make yours look this good. You can follow his build report HERE

This one is very ambitious and its from sg-99 who decided to pose his Galactica in the Scorpion Shipyard diorama. There are still a lot of work to be done for this one and when completed, will truly stand out among others. Good job so far, we will be following closely with the progress report for her completion. You too can follow his build report HERE

And finally we have Cylon75. I have always admired this modeller for his speed and enthusiasm. His finished kits are nicely done with weathering effects from ... a shoe polish. Yup, you heard right. I think he is the only one I know who is creative enough to do that, and he does it very well.

For the Moebius kit, he is going to light her up, and had even made some detail improvements on her mold surface. Look at the pictures carefully and you'll see bits and pieces of styrene strips pasted on. I checked with the ZOIC images and found that the pieces ARE suppose to be there. Well done.  And another thing I like about Cylon75, and I speak on behalf of many here, we are all truly appreciative of his continuous updates. You can follow his build report HERE too.

A word of caution from Cylon75 when you're fitting the hangar bay decals. Test fit the upper pod's fuselage constantly to see if that piece does not mess up the decals. You may need to re-arrange the decal placement to ensure a perfect fit, as in it doesn't look out of place.

And here's one for creativity and being economical as well, Halanar D's lighting set up using lights from a Target Battery powered 18 LED Christmas Set. And I doubt his kit is in preparation for the coming Christmas as a Christmas ornament. Its going to look great when completed. You can follow his build report HERE

And finally, a word of advise for those of you are beginning with your build. A fitting issue had been discovered when you are fitting in your Flight Pod recess (the piece where the Hangar Bay section can retract into).  The triangle shaped tabs that was molded together at the underside section will prevent your recess from fitting snugly. Thanks to Marko Scheloske for highlighting this, and he has also given the solution to circumvent it. I would suggest you follow his steps lest you start pulling your hair out of frustration. I've included his exact notes under the images for your referral.

1.) Hangar pod bay garage as it comes in the kit, with all 5 tabs. Not so nice fit.

2.) One of the shortened triangular "assistant tabs" which are definitely not needed to hold the part in place:

3.) Fit of the garage with shortened triangular tabs. Not perfect, but much better than before:

Other than these, do enjoy your build. I'm looking forward to joining in when I get mine, hopefully next week.

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