Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Acreation Models Black Turkey Sale

For those not familiar, Acreation Models is famous for aftermarket decals and parts focussing primarily on Star Trek, a little on Star Wars and BSG. I myself am a fan of Acreation Models and I own quite a few of this company's decals. I also know of a lot of a lot of modellers who depend on this company to provide accurate decals for their Starships.

The decals are not cheap, and they are naturally of superior quality with some having as many as 7-15 pages worth of decals for just one kit.  And why are these decals important? Well, they are important since not many people are able to paint the details for the ship's hull, or make their own accurate markings. So this is truly an opportunity to grab these decals at wholesaler price.

Here are some listings of what's on sale.

1:72 FM Millennium Falcon Clear Resin Engine Nozzles - $25.00ea
1:72 FM Millennium Falcon Photoetch Details - $30.00ea
1:350 Enterprise Refit Aztec Decals - $40.00ea
1:1000 Enterprise Refit Aztec Decals - $12.00ea
1:1000 Enterprise B Aztec Decals - $20.00ea
1:1400 Enterprise E Aztec Decals - $20.00ea
1:2500 Enterprise E Aztec Decals - $12.00ea
1:1400 Enterprise D Aztec Decals - $35.00ea
1:2500 Enterprise D Aztec Decals - $15.00ea
1:350 NX-01 Enterprise Aztec Decals - $30.00ea
1:1000 NX-01 Enterprise Aztec Decals - $12.00
1:1400 Enterprise E Photoetch Details - $16.00ea

Sale will begin officially on 24th November 2010 at so be sure to head that way and grab what you need. Not everything there are abundant in supplies so its first come first serve basis.

Regular Holiday Sale prices will commence on 29 November at the same link. Happy Holidays Shopping everyone ... even if its not a holiday for you, pretend it is. Its more fun that way.

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