Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Adama's Last Tour & Farewell Galactica ... until ....

Screen caps of the last time we see the Battlestar Galactica as she and the rag tag fleet flies into the sun

Farewell Galactica .................. and see you again soon in Battlestar Galactica : Chrome and Blood. This new series will take place 41 years before the second Cylon Invasion, and will showcase a young Adama and the Galactica VS the cylons. Hoping for plenty of action and good story line in this one. Snipets of that War was seen briefly in BSG Razor.


  1. Very cool screenshots. I'd forgotten just how much of a beating the old girl took!

  2. Thanks Eric. Yeah, its going to be a challenge emulating the damages on the Moebius styrene kit.

  3. Er, so why is it flying into the Sun?

  4. Whoa .. CFC, you're the 5th person to contact me asking me about this .. LOL

    Last episode of season 4.5, humans and cylons decides to stay at their new found planet and all agreed to begin afresh, no technology. So the Galactica and the rag tag fleet was sent off to the sun to be destroyed, taking with them all traces of their journey, technology, bad memories, and hoping by doing this, the new inhabitant do not attract unwanted visitors.

    Yeah, the mighty Galactica had broken her back, and her time was up.