Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Battlestar Columbia? A fully armoured version apparently

I've read about this on the net and was informed that the Galactica's armour plating may not be complete in the series. Apparently another variant of the Galactica was found and named the "Columbia". I'm not sure if this is sanctioned or canon in the BSG universe, but if you look at the Galactica actual properly, she does look like having incomplete armour coverage.

The Battlestar Columbia was briefly seen in "Razor" in 2 separate scenes. The first was at Picon's Scorpion Spaceyard when the Cylons attacked. The second was durng a flashback when Adama explained that he had seen the different cylon variant (closer to the classic series) during his younger days after ejecting form his damaged Viper, and coming across a Cylon experiment using human tissues.

Scorpion Shipyard before and after the Cylon Attack

During the First Cylon War 41 years ago

There's no clear representation of how the Battlestar Columbia really looked like but we do have some fan based creation of her design with full armour. Just how accurate or canon these are are debatable but they do serve as very good reference materails for those who wish to build their Moebius Galactica into the Columbia.

Battlestar Columbia

Compared against the Galactica

Columbia's Schematic

Good luck to those who wish to build this variant. I may give her a shot but that is only if I can figure out a way to re-creater those extra armour platings. Someone out there may surprise us all out there yet.

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