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Timeslip Creations Original Series Battlestar Galactica Resin kit

I am highlighting Timeslip Creations' original series Galactica kit again since I have received  several feedbacks and questions from a few interested  parties regarding the original series kit. Please note I'm not selling this kit or the accurized parts for the Monogram kit as I am not a shop so don't ask me "how much plus shipping". But I will share with you where you can get them.

The Original Series Galactica

I was asked a few times now if there is any good styrene kits made available for the original series Battlestar Galactica. Well, besides the Monogram kit which is about 95% inaccurate (remaining 5% applies only for the shape of the kit and that's it), I'm afraid you can only depend on Timeslip Creations resin kit in the market, and that is if you're talking about a kit within your reach. Timeslip Creations 1/4105 scale Galactica is about the same size with the Monogram kit and she's still available at Starship Modeller

A little pricey but you get a kit that is so detailed and accurate, and the molds are very clean with very little flashes to remove. Resin quality is of high class, and the molds are very well defined. You can see all the details very clearly once painted. All that's needed is a quick wash to remove the mold agent (that's a kind of lubricant to prevent the resin from sticking to the mold), some minor flash cleaning and you're set to assemble and paint her. Trust me, she's worth it. I still have mine unassembled and every time I show her off to my friends here, I sometimes get asked if I am willing to part with her - for a lower cost. NOT!!

Here's what you get

Parts Overlay

The resin parts are surprisingly lightweight, and all parts fit in perfectly in my initial test fit. I don't have any pictures taken of mine since she's now secured with my other BSG stash, but the images below show a more clearer view of the parts and fittings. I'm not really sure who owns these images so if you do know, please let me know so I can assign appropriate credits.


Primed and painted

Want to see more images? Go check out Scott Spicer's build of this fantastic kit at Get some tissues ready to wipe off those drools as there are 22 spectacular images there. Here's 5 images to satiate your interest

Then compare her against a fully build Monogram Battlestar Galactica kit with a just a little modifications (I'm sorry but you'll need to modify her a little. That kit is just really that bad). The kit below was build by Cozmo from  and shows how she looks with some mods done. Pretty impressive since this kit was build during the 80s.

Can't afford Timeslip's kit? Or you just wish to work on your Monogram kit? Well, if you wish to build your Monogram kit as accurate as possible, be prepared to spend an amount close to what it will cost you buying Timeslip's kit. You're going to need a set of Accurized Parts from Avery Products to replace existing and missing parts. Be prepared for a possible 4 - 6 months project as almost everything needs to be replaced. I can vouch for Avery Products sales and customer service, and the parts comes neatly packed inside ziplock bags placed within a plastic fisherman's bait box. Here's the accurate parts:

You'll also need this set found at Federation Models to fill up the sides (Look under Models - Misc Models for the BSG accurized parts and Decals - JT-Graphics). I believe these were created by Timeslip Creations as well, and I may be wrong here but this set also goes by the name BSG Sub Level 3 Accurization Set

And finally, you're also going to need a motor drill, tools to hack and saw away minute plastic parts, and lots of different class sandpaper and files. I know cause I too have an unassembled Monogram kit, Avery's accurate parts and JT Graphics decals, and I do have plans to work on the Monogram kit, see if I can create a miracle here. Don't forget to work in a well ventilated room and wear protective face mask when you're sanding and hacking away ... its definitely going to be messy - challenging and messy. Unless of course if you just want to build your Monogram kit as is, then be sure its some thing you do for fun and for yourself. The kit is just not IPMS standard.

Here's how she looks with Arvey Models and the Sub Level 3 Accurate Parts

I made a mistake and posted the above images thinking they were Timeslip's kit. The Monogram kit really do looks good after using the accurizing sets. Found out after I accidentally found the link again

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