Sunday, November 7, 2010

BSG New Series Standard Cylon Raider

The new standard Cylon Raider was first seen in the BSG Mini Series. I still remembered the first time I saw it and I thought "whoa, when did Batman turned Cylon".  Well, it does look a little like the Bat Plane. Little did I know the design would eventually grew on me and I found myself liking it. It also makes sense that these things are actually alive, and they are they're own pilots.

More information regarding the design of the new Cylon Raider shows that the Cylons appear to be a  form of biological machines. No information is given on how they feed or if they even need nutrition, or how they go to the toilet. But we do know they are susceptible to virus attacks like their human counterpart.

Starbuck piloted a downed Raider when she crash landed on a deserted planet. She literally had to figure out which organs controlled the ship's functions, and found the Raider to be a versatile fighter craft, despite the smell. Apollo himself wasn't able to shoot it down when Starbuck was piloting her.

Actual Studio Prop Model

Available Kits

I only know of JT - Graphics 1/24 scale Howling Wolf kit. A fine representation of the Season 1-3 Raider used by the Cylons. The ship is 1/24th scale and measures an impressive 16.5 inches in length when assembled!  The kit comes with a detailed set of instructions, a Cylon symbol base, and a set of pristine and distressed decals from JT-Graphics

YT's build using Howling Wolf's Raider

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